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Class A Truck Driver Requirements & Qualifications
  • Valid Class A driver’s license required.

  • 2+ years proven experience with tractor-trailer driving preferred.

  • Must pass a background check and drug test.

  • Skilled at driving large vehicles 80k lbs.

  • Comfortable maneuvering and parking a tractor-trailer.

  • Physically and mentally fit.

  • Able to operate an electric lift, hand trucks, pallet jacks, etc.

Class A Truck Driver Job Description

We are seeking a dependable and organized Class A truck driver who possesses a great deal of physical and mental stamina. One who thrives while working 10-11 hours on the road and can consistently ensure safe and accurate deliveries. Driver must be detail-oriented, efficient, and have a fair to clean driving record.

  • Fully understand how to operate and safely drive your assigned vehicle.

  • Drive trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) up to 80,000 lbs.

  • Ensure trailer hitch is properly and securely attached to the tractor unit.

  • Transport general freight, etc. from the place of origin to assigned destination.

  • Ensure contents are properly secured inside of the truck to prevent breakage or damage.

  • Obtain signatures of BOL's/POD's to confirm and complete deliveries with clients.

  • Stay on a predetermined route and ensure timely deliveries.

  • Communicate with dispatch as needed.

  • Confirm contents of each shipment load matches the manifest document (Rate Con/BOL).

  • Perform inspections of your vehicle prior to and following each trip.

  • Always ensure your vehicle is kept clean.

  • Maintain and service vehicle as needed (refuel, check oil, tire pressure, check truck and trailer lights).

  • Notify managers of any major maintenance or delivery issues encountered.

  • Follow delivery schedule and rest at appropriate times (10 Hours Off).

  • Maintain detailed driving and delivery logs using "KEEPTRUCKIN".

  • Track and report working hours.

  • Obey all applicable traffic laws and drive according to the weather/road conditions.

  • Comply with FMCSA and DOT regulations.

  • Make safety a priority at all times!

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